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The R&D expert for the shelf pusher
the only one self-supplying spring manufacturer in the industry
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What should we know before place an order?
1)the application;2)the depth and width of your own shelf;3)the weight of your goods
How many divider styles do you have?
We mainly have 2 styles:1)combined type;a, Acrylic material;b, PVC material;2)PS fixed type;a, 250mm length;b, 280mm length;c, 295mm length;d, 300mm length;e, 380mm length
What is the difference between the Acrylic and PS divider?
1) the Acrylic divider is our patent product It is designed for the non-standard shelf It can meet any length requirement without making a ne...
Is it double layer or just one layer?
Our pusher is only one layer, could not be overlay
How should I do if the product has...
If you find any quality problem within 7 days after you buy our product We promise to provide replacement for free
How to install the pusher?
We will provide a video for your reference
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