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Fixed Type pusher
Fixed Type pusher of cigarette(grey shelf pusher)
Updated at:2016-01-02 11:39:21
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The fixed type refers to the divider size is fixed, it is willrequire to make new tooling if the cilent need different size. 
When the cilents tamke away he first commdity, the following products will be pushed forward to the first place on the shelgf, with the pusher system, your commdities display will be always order ly, tidy and attractive. At th e same time, it helps you to inrrease sales and save labor cost.
Fixed Type pusher of cigarette
size:W60*H60*L180mm/L230mm/L240mm or customize
material: PC/PS
color:white, grey, clear
assemble:Easy assembly
appliction:Supermarkects, stores and so on 

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